Research in Physics


Research is the exciting process of learning something new or being the first to discover new phenomena. Most technological advancements and developments start from fundamental research, from advanced materials for the next generation of electronics, to more environmentally friendly technologies, to new medicines and medical procedures. The potential is nearly limitless!

The Acadia Physics Department has excellent research opportunities and facilities for students interested in condensed matter and sub-atomic physics. Our students and faculty also participate in interdisciplinary collaborations where fascinating problems at the boundary between two or more fields are studied. Some typical research projects presently being studied by Acadia Physics researchers include:

  1. Weak and electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon, neutrino oscillations, low-energy tests of the Standard Model, physics beyond the Standard Model and fundamental symmetries.
  2. Structural studies of charge-density waves in low-dimensional metals using transmission electron microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy.
  3. Non-equilibrium microstructures produced by ultra-fast cooling in laser-welded alloys.
  4. Physics education.
  5. Scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopies of individual molecules.
  6. Investigating the atomic structure of ferromagnetic semiconductors.
  7. Catholoduminescence characterization of brachipod fossils.
  8. Magnetic field measurements of the Bloody Creek Crater impact site.

One of the biggest strengths of our department is the full involvement of undergraduate students in research. Our students participate as summer research assistants and complete projects for academic coursework. Many of our students present at conferences and co-author journal publications. For some of our students, the culmination of the physics degree is the Honours Thesis, a formal dissertation summarizing a student's research achievements. Students are encouraged to contact members of the Physics Department for more information on particular opportunities.