What courses would I be taking in my first year?

If you plan to take ten courses in your first year, you would normally take seven required courses as part of your Physics program, along with three elective courses, for a total of ten courses.  You would normally take five courses in the fall term (from September to December) and five courses in the winter term (from January to April).  Elective courses are courses of your choosing that you should select based on your interests and goals.


Term 1 (Fall)

PHYS 1013

Introductory Physics 1

MATH 1013

Introductory Calculus 1

CHEM 1013/CHEM1113 or COMP 1113 or APSC 1413*

General Chemistry 1/Introductory Chemistry 1

Computer Programming 1

Computer Programming for Applied Science 1

MATH 1323** or Elective

Matrix Algebra




Term 2 (Winter)

PHYS 1023

Introductory Physics 2

MATH 1023

Introductory Calculus 2

CHEM 1023/CHEM1123 or COMP 1123 or APSC 1413*

General Chemistry 2/Introductory Chemistry 2

Computer Programming 2

Computer Programming for Applied Science 1

MATH 1323 or MATH 1333** or Elective

Matrix Algebra

Introduction to Linear Algebra



* Physics Majors must complete any two of these courses in Chemistry or Computer Programming: APSC 1413, CHEM 1013/CHEM 1113, CHEM 1023/CHEM 1123, COMP 1113, COMP 1123.

** Physics Majors must complete one of either Matrix Algebra or Linear Algebra: MATH 1323, MATH 1333.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your course selections.

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