What's next after a physics degree and what are some of our alum doing?

Our graduates have pursued an amazing range of careers after graduating with their physics degrees. This pie chart shows the careers that our graduates have been pursuing since 1997.  The “Other” category includes a professional organist and an air force pilot!  Also check out the Canadian Association of Physics (CAP) careers website.  A physics degree is an excellent foundation for whatever your future has in store!



Four of our Acadia Physics graduates met up at a conference recently!  From left to right: Ryan Gessner (Acadia Physics 2008), David Parsons (Acadia Physics 2010), Dal Granville (Acadia Physics 2009), and Sarah Quirk (Acadia Physics 2005).




Paul Corkum (Acadia Physics 1965) has enjoyed a remarkable career in attosecond science .  He has been awarded numerous prestigious national and international awards and honorary degrees.