Why should I study physics at Acadia?

Focusing on undergraduate studies, we are committed to high quality courses and student success.  You'll get an education that will be the strong foundation for your future, whether you stay in physics or not.  Studying physics can lead to a wide array of careers. See what some of our graduates have gone on to do.  Imagine what YOU might do with a physics degree!

In a small department like ours, you'll really get to know your classmates and the faculty and staff.  With a physics major to faculty ratio of about 5:1, you will get a lot of attention and guidance from us when you need it.  For example, you will be paired with a faculty member who will serve as your academic advisor, helping to guide you throughout your studies at Acadia.  We are all committed to go that extra mile to ensure that you are successful.

Because we are a small department, we offer many excellent opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in teaching and research,  Acadia Physics is the only university in Nova Scotia where you can complete particle theory research. Teaching and research opportunities allow you to strengthen your physics knowledge, gain some valuable work experience, and earn some extra money during your degree.

Speaking of money, Acadia offers numerous scholarships and awards!

And finally, Acadia makes its home in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Wolfville is a special place to live and learn, and we think you'll agree.

Award winning teachers, leading researchers, committed staff, engaged students, and a warm and vibrant community - come join us!!


"There is no doubt that Acadia University is a special place to study, and from my perspective, the Acadia Physics Department provided the ideal undergraduate education. I was constantly in direct contact with reputable professors who guided me through difficult concepts and instilled in me the fundamental principles of modern science. This level of individualized attention is not easily reproduced and rarely found.

Conversely, my professors also emphasized the importance and necessity of independent study, something I am becoming increasingly grateful for as I progress further into my postgraduate degree. Thus, it is through careful balance of guided instruction and opportunities for independent investigation that the staff at the Acadia Physics Department have ensured I am prepared for whatever challenge I may face, academic or otherwise."

- Matthew Bluteau, BSc with Honours ('13)
Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) on the Joint European Torus (JET) experiment
University of Strathclyde, UK