What if I am an international student?

The Physics Department at Acadia takes pride in welcoming international students. We have had the pleasure of welcoming students from diverse countries such as China, El Salvador, Mexico, and Turkey.  Science thrives on the robust exchange of ideas- an exchange that is at its best when it incorporates all of our perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences so that we can all learn from each other.

Acadia Physics also welcomes exchange students who wish to spend a semester or year studying in Canada, even if their first language is not English and their goal is to build up their undergraduate academic experience in an English-speaking institution. Please note that we are able to respond to the queries of international students in both English and French.

If you would like to complete a degree at Acadia and are an international student, visit Acadia's International Student Homepage.

If you are a student at another university and wish to attend Acadia for a term or a year as an exchange student, visit Acadia's Exchange Program Homepage.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or reach out to any of our faculty or staff members!

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Ethan Avila, hailing from Mexico, is just one of our outstanding students who came to study physics at Acadia from abroad!